2021 Fender Vintera 70s Telecaster Custom Black PF UPGRADES CuNiFe G&G USA Tele

September 22, 2021 - Comment

What you’re looking at here is a 2021 Fender Vintera 70s Telecaster Custom body in Black on alder and 3-ply Mint Green pickguard with a 2021 Fender Vintera 70s Telecaster Custom neck with a Pau Ferro fretboard. While technically a “Partscaster” they are of the same model guitar and year and not something ridiculous like

What you’re looking at here is a 2021 Fender Vintera 70s Telecaster Custom body in Black on alder and 3-ply Mint Green pickguard with a 2021 Fender Vintera 70s Telecaster Custom neck with a Pau Ferro fretboard. While technically a “Partscaster” they are of the same model guitar and year and not something ridiculous like a Tele neck on a Strat body, just weren’t offered in this combination from the factory. If you’ve followed me the last few years you know I enjoy offering guitars that are unique but also look like they could’ve come out of the factory like that.Condition wise, the body and neck and most of the components were from new guitars so it’s essentially in mint condition.If you’re familiar with my posts they’re long winded, but I like to be as detailed as possible with the care and attention I put into my guitars so please read further as I assure you it is worth your time:Light weight at only 7.8 lbs (I generally consider any solid body Fender under 8 lbs as light)-Fender 3-ply Mint Green pickguard. I went with the pickguard that comes stock on the Sonic Blue and Fiesta Red bodies instead of the Black, which makes for a really cool and unique combination on Black along with the Pau Ferro fretboard. -Fender’s Tim Shaw CuNiFe Wide Range neck pickup and Vintage style 70s single coil bridge pickup ($200 for the CuNiFe pickup alone). These are the same pickups from the American Original 70s Telecaster Custom and really put this guitar in the big boys class. While the stock reissue Wide Range pickup on the Vintera model is a good pickup, it’s just a PAF under a Wide Range cover with bar magnets and sound nothing like a vintage style Wide Range with full size bobbins and individually magnetized threaded pole magnets, let alone a CuNiFe Wide Range. This is the first time since 1979 Fender has offered a faithful recreation of the 70s Wide Range pickups using newly manufactured threaded CuNiFe magnets (they even use the same bobbins as the vintage ones). These have an output around 10.7k (vs 7.5k for the stock pickup) so it’s hotter and just an entirely different beast in general. The single coil bridge pickup uses staggered AlNiCo 5 rod magnets, plain enamel magnet wire and has an output around 7.5k (and despite being used on the American Original model with a 9.5″ radius, the stagger is better balanced with this neck because of the vintage 7.25″ radius). A truly beautiful sounding pairing-The stock CTS 500k pots for the neck pickup have been upgraded to CTS 1meg audio pots as they are on the American Original model and as they were for the vintage Wide Range models in the 70s. The stock 250k pots for the bridge pickup have been retained, which are also the same values on the American Original model-Treble bleed cap/resistor circuits on the volume pots (1/4w 150k resistor with .001uf cap in parallel). This mod allows you to turn the volume pot down while still retaining the highs. A really nice mod especially for humbuckers-Orange Drop .022uf tone caps on both tone controls-Switchcraft 11 1/4″ output jack just like on the American model-Fully shielded body and control cavities and additional grounding post added to help minimize noise. This is a massive improvement-Radius’d, Sanded, smoothed and polished the nut and sharp edges for a more comfortable feel similar to the American guitars. A lot of these Mexican Fender guitars have almost no refinement finishing on parts of the guitar like the nut or fret ends. This is a lot more comfortable now.-Fender American Original/Vintage “Pat No.” Bridge 60s/70s bridge plate. This is similar to the stock plate but with the additional “Pat No.” on it which is a subtle but nice touch. I’ve also included the “Ash Tray” cover which these models don’t come with-Rutters 1/4″ slotted compensated steel saddles. This also retains the original look and sound of the stock steel saddles but with spot on intonation-Lock washer added to 3-way toggle to prevent slippage-Fender/Schaller strap locks and buttons with black felt washers-Fender G&G Deluxe Hard Case in tweed with brown leather ends/handle and orange plush interior (a $250+ value alone). This is a huge upgrade considering these only came with gigbags. (the keys, strap locks and bridge cover are in the compartment)On top of these upgrades, it has also been cleaned, polished, the pau ferro fretboard oiled/conditioned and fully setup, with new D’Addario EXL110 (10-46) strings with enough relief in the neck balanced for both lead and rhythm and a light touch (5/64″ string height on the low E and 4/64″ on the high E). The saddles have been perfectly intonated and adjusted to the 7.25″ fretboard radius. The nut slots have been cleaned and filed for optimal contact and take off points for better sustain. The bridge pickup heights are adjusted to 4/64″ on the bass and treble side and the neck pickup 8/64″ on the bass side and 7/64″ on the treble.I fully stand by the work and believe you’ll get a much better playing and sounding guitar here because of the selection of upgrades and attention to detail in the setup than if you pulled a current production ’72 Telecaster Custom or Vintera 70s Tele Custom off the shelf with cheap components (that starts at $1029 with a gig bag). I’ll take it a step further and gladly put this guitar against an American Original or even a real vintage 70s model any day of the week, and at just a fraction of the cost. Why not get something truly unique with all of the electronics/components/hard case taken care of and be done with it :)Here’s more body and neck specs below:BodyBody shape: Single cutawayBody type: Solid bodyBody material: Solid woodTop wood: Not applicableBody wood: AlderBody finish: Gloss PolyesterOrientation: Right handedNeckNeck shape: CNeck wood: MapleJoint: Bolt-onScale length: 25.5 in.Truss rod: StandardNeck finish: Gloss UrethaneFretboardMaterial: MapleRadius: 7.25″Fret size: Vintage-styleNumber of frets: 21Inlays: DotNut width: 1.65 in. (42 mm)


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